The Coca-Cola invention successfully used: some Russian TV channels code their viewers with 25th shot

Russian Ministry on Anti-Monopoly Politics has learned that some Russian TV channels use methods of hidden influence upon psychics of the viewers. The ministry promises to present proves of television using insets into TV programmes, which influence human subconsciousness, in the nearest future. Now, the ministry needs only necessary devices which register it, while these vehicles will be manufactured since next year.

The question is about so-called 25th shot effect. As well known, human eye does not notice the turn from one shot to another in a film or in a TV programme, if 24 shots replace each other within one second. The 25th shot cannot be caught, though it possesses a powerful suggestive effect. Using it is strictly forbidden in Russia with the Law about Mass Media and with the Law about Advertising.

The 25th-shot effect seems to have been widely spread in Russian TV. It is mainly used in commercial reels. Invisible insets were found also in foreign production. That was a new device invented in Institute of Television and Radio by the order of the Press Ministry, which allowed to the Ministry of Anti-Monopoly Politics to make the statement. The device is called “experimental detector of hidden insets” (ODSV-1). At the moment, some tests are being carried out. The idea of 25th-shot effect appeared about 40 years ago. A.Hamburg in his work The Secret of 25-th shot in details tells about it:

“Already in the early 1960s (not in the USSR, but in the US), an idea of “hidden advertising” was offered. The idea is very simple. As well known, a film is being demonstrated with a speed of 24 shots a second. This is an optimal variant: with a smaller speed, the viewer cannot feel continuity of the movement, while a bigger speed means only senseless waste of the tape. Though, whether there are 24 or 25 shots – it is no difference, the viewer does not notice it. So, it was proposed after every 24 usual shots to inset one more shot, for example with Coca-Cola commercial (actually, that was Coca-Cola company which made the invention). This “additional” shot simply has no time to deposit in the consciousness, though human eye fix it and sunconsciousness catches it, so commercial does its work. A person leaves the movie theatre and feels like drinking something. What? Coca, of course, which perfectly slakes thirst. Or he does not think namely with these words, though he goes, while thinking, to the wending machine and buys a bottle of Coca. In 1964, the commercial went through all experimental stages and it easily could be introduced. Though, two things happened. First, there was a side effect: the probationer was constantly effected by hidden camera and became absent-minded in his working place, his standard reactions became slower. For example, he should better avoid driving, because the 25th shot influenced him like a good glass of whisky. Second, a sub-commission of the Congress at its closed sitting heard information about the new kind of commercial (Coca-Cola company did not kept it secret, and actually, it could not do it, because the experimental films were shot not by the company) and immediately banned it. Human rights, you know…”

Everybody knows, how these rights are kept in today’s Russia. So the 25th-shot effect is in the same line.

Servgei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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