Argentina: Two killed in protests against the Government

At least two protesters were reported dead, more than 100 wounded and 50 arrested after the police quarreled on Wednesday, a demonstration of unemployed workers in the city of Buenos Aires. Protesters had blocked main road accesses to the Capital city of Argentina, even after the Government had warned them they would use the force to prevent actions of this kind.

Demonstrations all over the country with blockade of roads, had been announced early this week by unemployed workers organizations, left wing parties and Trade Unions. After the announcements, the Government replied that its responsibility was to guarantee the free traffic of citizens among the country and had the right to use the force to do it.

This kind of protests regularly take place in Argentina and reflect the desperate situation of half of country’s population living under the poverty line. Besides, last researches showed a geometrical increasing in the unemployment ratio, which now is registered among 25% of active population.

In the last weeks, the National Government expected to reach an agreement with the IMF to obtain financial aid to stand up for the crisis. However, the response from Washington was negative and its officers explained to the Argentine Minister of Economy, Roberto Lavagna, that the International Monetary Fund was disappointed on the way Argentina deals with the crisis.

The scenario turns day to day more unpredictable, as the local authorities do not have resources to stop the increasing value of the US Dollar, which may lead to a fast hyperinflation process in the following months. At the same time, the dramatic social situation of millions of Argentineans is quite sufficient evidence to predict an escalating in the number of protest and further violence.

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina

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