UFO politics. Is the US government ready to open up its military secrets?

Question. Pavel, in your book, you try to prove that there are no extraterrestrials at all, while “flying saucers” are secret devices made in the USA in the late 1940s for reconnaissance and diversion. Is this not too bold?

Answer. You mean that extraterrestrials are gentle people, while the Americans should be offended? You know, during George Bush's visit to Moscow, RenTV showed the film UFO: life behind barbed wire, where people in uniform, generals and colonels of the Russian army, told about their observations and about the state program of spying on “flying saucers” over USSR territory. The generals pointed to Americans: they are said to possess secret technology that is dangerous for the whole of mankind. That was at the time of the US president's, when US analyst services monitored all publications of the Russian mass media. In your view, why was this done?

Q. Do you mean that the Americans were provoked while hinting that it was time to disclose UFO secrets?

Answer. Recently, PRAVDA.Ru published an interview with Stephen Bassett, who is running for the US Congress. The Disclosure2003 campaign accuses Bush Senior of taking the decision to classify UFO documents while he was director of the FBI. You should admit that a strange political question has risen around these notorious “flying saucers.”

Q. How do you think this can be understood?

A. I will start in a roundabout way. 55 years ago, June 1947, the so-called Roswell incident took place in the US: a “flying saucer" crashed. The US military stated that it was a secret balloon had fallen, while journalists put forward the UFO version, because, at that time, in the US, “flying saucers” were often observed. Therefore, since that time, the myth of extraterrestrials has been alive.

Unfortunately, the truth is more prosaic: in the 1940s, the US actively tested secret flying devices that often wrecked. And it is obvious that these were namely tests, because different devices with different types of engines were seen. Look at least into the Bruce Maccabee book, (UFO-FBI CONNECTION. The Secret History of the Government`s Cover-Up): there are different declassified reports from government institutions. There is also evidence that the “flying saucers” of the 1940s had nozzles, vertical trimmers, and flew in a zigzag way, so an inversion track could be seen after them.

Let us logically think: if the “flying saucers” are not hallucinations and not natural phenomena but artificial devices, there are only two variants: they were produced either on the Earth or somewhere else. UFOs seriously differ from aircraft and helicopters: they have no wings, they are silent, and they have some luminescence around them. Therefore, the extraterrestrial version is the most logical. However, this explanation is too impossible, too fantastic; however, it sounds very romantic. On the other hand, in the 20th century, technological change brought many surprises to mankind: let us take the nuclear bomb. Who knows what else could have been born in secret laboratories, for astronomical sums were invested in the arms race.

Q. Following your thought, in the middle of the 20th century, did scientists discovered the secret of anti-gravitation?

A. The most laughable thing is that to explain how “flying saucers” fly, no exotic theories are needed about some unknown anti-gravitational fields. The secret of these unusual devices is in the cunning use of a special aerodynamic effect, which was known already at the beginning of the era of aircraft construction.

As a child, you most likely played with an opened umbrella: while moving it abruptly towards you, you could feel the resistance of the air mass. People already played these games in the early 20th century, when the first planes started. In some old chronicles, you could see among other flying “shelves” an odd device: a huge umbrella with an engine and pilot. The umbrella moved sometimes up, sometimes down, the device became airborne and again returned to the ground. That was the ancestor of “flying saucers.” Here, the effect of repulsion from surroundings is at work. In this way, birds and butterflies fly. However, a human being cannot repulse from air; Icarus could only be in myths. While, in a more thick surroundings, for example in water, people can repulse while swimming. More interesting than a small bird is how a dragonfly flys: it can simply hang in the air while minutely moving its wings. Therefore, if a human being was equipped with huge wings to repulse air very quickly, he could try to compensate for gravity with the whole sum of repulsing impulses. However, you hardly could imagine plane wings trembling in a dragonfly way. It is much easier to imagine a kind of umbrella with which we catch air. An umbrella in the form of a saucer.

There is no miracle in the parachute. Physically, the essence of the process is that the great square of the canopy, while slowly moving down, meets frontal resistance, which compensates for gravity's pull on the parachute jumper. The form is also very important: the hollow surface has the biggest strength factor, while the surface bent towards the movement, a smooth form, has a smaller strength factor. Therefore, it is clear why the first “flying saucers” had such a form: flat from below and smooth from above. These “flying saucers” can fly without anti-gravitation; they simply lean against the air. For example, a “flying disc” is built like an almond.

A "flying saucer” is a kind of hard parachute, which, through irregular microamplitude movements, not only cancels the acceleration of gravety, but also overcomes gravitaty. It is not by chance that a “flying saucer” in air is similar to a medusa in water, which also uses the difference of forces while moving up and down.

Any engineer can make calculations and, after solving a differential equation, understand that the a “saucer” can fly. According to the calculations, to lift a real flying device, the pusher corpse must vibrate with ultrasonic frequency. The lowest level is 10 kilohertz; if the shear upwards within one vibration is 1 mm, the speed of the strictly vertical lifting is 10 meters a second.

Q. Pavel, this is not journalism; this is a real working scheme, an invention. And you openly tell about it.

A. All rights were already reserved, though “top secret.” Many specialists from different spheres know about it, though they prefer to keep silent. However, it is very important to tell people about it: they should not be afraid of UFOs.

Really, people could become panic-stricken while seeing in the sky a luminous ellipsoid silently moving with great speed. It is clear why the extraterrestrial myth appeared. In some degree, US military could have been justified. A top secret plan was necessary to protect the new creations from Soviet spies. According to some information, initial design of such flying devices was stolen by the Americans from captive German engineers. British pilots saw small UFOs over German territory, which seemed to emerge towards the attacking bombers. Later, the myth was spread, so it lost its mystery. Nobody wanted to be responsible for misinformation. Soviet engineers in their turn understood that the “flying saucers” existed, so it was by then a common military secret.

Q. And when did this happen?

A. The discernment came in the 1970s. I remember one noticeable report on the Vremya informational television program. Soviet scientist Shklovsky proved that we are alone in the universe and that there are no extraterrestrials. At that time, this meant that this was the government and the party position. At that time, some UFO publications started to penetrate into the mass media to cancel the psychosis, while the system organized by KGB system of gathering information about UFOs over USSR territory was only for counterintelligence needs.

The book Liquidation of the UFO (in Russian) was published in Krasnoyarsk in 2002, while, on the Internet it can also be found (in Russian, too) on &to=http://res.krasu.ru/liq_ufo' target=_blank>Krasu.ru


Translated by Vera Solovieva

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