Mullah Omar: Now you see him…

Mullah Omar and other senior members of the ousted Talebaan regime are living in Afghanistan and move between three provinces: Qour, Arzegan and Helmand, declared Khaled Pashtoun, spokesperson for the Governor General of Kandahar, Golagha Shirzai.

Klaled Pashtoun issued his declaration on Wednesday in an interview with Iranian news agency, IRNA, although he claimed that "although the former Taliban rulers still frequent in those provinces, they are no longer any threat to the security of the country, since they are quite incapable of getting engaged in any military operations, or hatching any political plots."

It has been claimed that Mullah Omar and his entourage are dressed in disguise and have so far evaded massive US and British operations in these three provinces to capture them. Golagha Shirzai has stated that the ex-Talebaan leaders must be either arrested or killed, “in order to rid the Afghan nation of their threat and evil deeds."

On Monday, Hamid Karzai declared that both Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are known to be inside Afghanistan.


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