General Gamov’s murderers have their followers in the Arkhangelsk region

A very serious incident happened yesterday in the city of Severodvinsk, the Arkhangelsk region. PRAVDA.Ru visited the site of the incident several hours after, but the intolerable smell of acrid was all over the place in the building. The residents of the building refused to be photographed, because of the fear that they could die like General Gamov from the Federal Patrol Service of the Pacific department (someone threw three bottles of ignition fuel through the general’s windows on the night of May 21).

Several strangers got into the apartment building in which a young man, the organizer of the students’ trade union, lived. This guy was quite a conspicuous public figure; he was the organizer of youth brigades, a municipal council deputy’s aide, ect. Those strangers used a thin rubber pipe to pour some volatile flammable liquid between the first and the last door of the man's apartment and struck a match. The whole entrance of the building was filled with smoke, and firemen evacuated many residents. The most interesting thing here is that all those people were saved by a telephone, which started ringing after the short circuit in fusing wires. That phone ring saved the lives of 18 people!

Legal action has been instituted, and the materials of the case have been handed over to the Office of the Public Prosecutor. One versions of this arson is the active public activity of the mentioned man, since his activities were basically aimed against hooligans, drug dealers, and other criminal elements.

Photo: There could have been several dead bodies found behind this burnt door.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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