Vladimir Putin does not see real danger for "the radicalisation of Russia"

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not see any danger for "the radicalisation of Russia." Addressing a news conference in Moscow on Monday, the Russian leader said that a situation, similar to that at the recent elections in France and in the Netherlands, when radical parties were supported by a great number of voters, could arise in Russia.

The head of state pointed out that he had drawn the attention of his colleagues to "the symptoms of an alarming character both in Germany and in the Netherlands and in France. However, he emphasised, "after all, we do not have the right to interfere into the internal affairs of other states." "Our main aim today is to lead the country out of poverty, to make people feel safe and to increase the prestige of Russia," underscored the President.

Vladimir Putin also pointed out the importance of explaining the policy of the country's leadership to the population. "Only then shall we receive the support of the main political forces in the country - the Right forces, the centrist spectrum and the Left forces," said the President. "In this case we shall not receive any extremism in Russia," pointed out the head of the state.

He said it was a mistake "to put some or other opponents in an illegal situation." "Thank God, members of political movements in Russia have an opportunity to express their views legally, in a parliamentary way and to defend them," said Vladimir Putin.

The President emphasised the importance of strengthening the democratic multi-party system in the country. He believes it important in principle to expand the influence of political parties to the political life in the regions and their presence in the regional parliaments. "This is being done tactfully enough, without haste and spurts," stated the Russian President.

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