Europe created new al-Qaeda. Bin Laden may retire

Mass media of the world are once again abundant in headlines of this kind: “Bin Laden is alive and working on new acts of terrorism” or “Bin Laden is a TV star” and so on. The closer July 4th approaches, a date so much significant for Americans (the Independence Day), the more is said that new extremist attacks are possible on this day. It is supposed that al-Qaeda guerrillas will possibly commit new acts of terrorism on the US territory.

At the time when mass media are making much hysteria about al-Qaeda, another really dangerous extremist organization, Hizbollah, is expanding its network. Hizbollah is creating its headquarters in Berlin, where a training center for recruits is to be opened, Der Spiegel informs. In addition, the leaders of the organization that has won about 800 supporters in Germany over to its side will be able to assemble for public prayers and meetings. Talks on the purchase of a building for these purposes in the center of Berlin are rather successful.

Europe treats Hizbollah with sympathy: the organization actively helps Palestinians in their struggle with Israel, and European politicians as we know are on the side of Palestinians. However, Hizbollah is not always welcomed everywhere: when it was planned to set up a branch of the organization in Jordan, Jordan’s ambassador in Teheran was immediately recalled. A RIA Novosti correspondent informed that activities were held in Teheran in May in connection with an anniversary of Aiatolla Homeini death. The Hizbollah party of Jordan was on the list of participants of the activities. This fact made Jordan’s Ambassador, Bassam Al Omoush, accuse Iran of interference in the kingdom’s affairs.

A group of arms smugglers working for Palestinians was detained in Jordan in March. During interrogation the people confessed that the armament had been paid for by Iranians, they also admitted they were members of Hizbollah, the party financed by Teheran. Iranian officials reject any accusations in their address and say they are not informed of such facts. Hizbollah can easily leave al-Qaeda behind, especially regarding the fact that the organization enjoys political and financial aid on different continents. It seems that the civilized world is not aware of the fact that it is bringing up a new al-Qaeda.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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