Mobile Phone Alert

A new study using human tissue for the first time, carried out by a Finnish team, has led to alarming findings for users of Mobile or Cellular phones.

Prof. Darius Leszcynski and his team at the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority bombarded human cells with the legal limit of 2 watts of radiation per kilogramme of tissue, for one hour.

The result was the shocking revelation that this exposure was sufficient to cause damage to the endothelial calls, which constitute the inside wall of the arteries. 400 proteins, including the important HSP 27, crucial for forming the barrier between blood cells and the brain, were damaged.

The damage caused these cells to shrink, which would allow toxic molecules to enter the brain tissues. Prof. Leszcynski also pointed out that prolonged exposure could alter the process of apoptosis, the normal process of cellular death, whereby cells which should have died, remain active, giving rise to the possible formation of tumours.


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