How I Learned to Love Brutal Military Action

I think about how Israel over the months since the Infatada began has sequestered herself to playing ball in the kiddie’s field. The stagnation created by the see-sawing reprisals has produced an environment where a tug of war is the norm. Israel is able to win the deadly game, but it must first shirk the notion that civility must be maintained. Only when Israel is able to enter the playing field with the big boys will they be able to effectively squash the problem and render a solution to the unceasing suicide bombers that are plaguing the citizens of Israel.

The steps to occupy Palestinian territory will work wonderfully to show that the Infatada has been a failure, defined not only in the terms of the waste of young misguided Palestinian lives but also politically as repeated attacks on the Israeli people have hardened the once moderate Jewish electorate. Only when the Palestinians see that there are regressive consequences to their actions will the activity stop. If the Palestinian people wish to cleanse their gene pool, that’s fine, but it must not be at the expense of the Israeli people.

The wall currently being built to separate the attackers from their victims was a good thought, and that is the state in which it should have stayed. Somehow I recall that Hadrian’s Wall, constructed early in the second century, didn’t work that well. I feel that the new West Bank wall will be placed in the same failure category as the Berlin Wall, which was built to “protect” the Soviet bloc from the outside world. Spending time building a wall to keep Palestinian terrorists contained detracts from the true issue needing attention- the necessity to crush the willpower driving future attackers. Oft stated, it is the cornered dog that harbors the most anger. The wall gives a Palestinian “nation” a reason to fight, as liberation can be seen and felt, in proxy, on the other side of the barrier. Work on the containment wall needs to stop immediately as it distracts Israel from pertinent solutions.

Crudely put, it is time for Israel to take the gloves off in dealing with the issue of Palestinian homicide bombers. An ultimatum has to be placed on the table and Israel needs to just wait until some disillusioned celestial virgin-seeker takes them up on the challenge. Complete Palestinian destruction should be the goal of the IDF and the Israeli people. The firestorms of World War II effectively broke the will of the German people- the time has come for a Palestinian camp to be completely flattened. A threat of complete obliteration needs to be levied to the Palestinian militarists. Blowing up buildings at Yassir Arafat’s headquarters only wastes Israeli resources when they are badly needed in other arenas.

The current solution of containing the Palestinian people will only allow the problem to fester and ferment. Brutal military consequences delivered to the nesting areas of terror offers the most hope to the Israeli people. Only then will the Palestinian people see that their barbaric path of violence is a failure.

Stephen A. McDonald

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