Anna Kournikova’s dignity yielded half million rubles to Pavel Bure

The Weekly World eXile published in English in Russia and other CIS countries posted an interview under the headline: “Pavel Bure. Horrifying news: Anna Kournikova has got two vaginas.” This became a reason for the hockey player to appeal to court.

The scandalous article said, once Pavel Bure had told journalists at a charity action that he would never make love to Anna Kournikova because the girl had… two vaginas. He said he disliked it!

It was impossible to organize hearings of the case as respondents couldn’t be found. Weekly World eXile was founded by a company called Russia’s Resident, an Englishman, was could not be found either, was editor-in-chief at the newspaper.

Editorial staff of the newspaper say, the publication is a mere joke, may be an unhappy one, as someone can probably think. The court declared that information published contradicted reality and insulted Pavel Bure. The unhappy joke cost the newspaper 500,000 rubles.

Moreover, the newspaper is obliged to publish a refutation to the article within thirty days. Text of the refutation has been submitted to the approval of Pavel Bure’s attorneys Dmitry Ragulin and Grigory Kulkov. The hockey player himself is indulgent towards rumors. But in this very case he came to the defense of the dignity of Anna Kournikova whom he so much respects.

It was asked at the court why Pavel Bure not Anna Kournikova herself had filed the action. The hockey player said, a real man should protect girl’s dignity. Now, if the famous tennis player learns of the scandalous publication, she will not be so much offended as the court has already passed a sentence to the slanderers. Larisa Suetenko PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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