Vladimir Putin took PRAVDA.Ru’s remarks into consideration

Talking to the webmasters of his updated site, Russian President Vladimir Putin made the same remarks that PRAVDA.Ru did, commenting on the updated site of the Russian government.

The presentation of the updated version of the Russian president's website took place today. It was first and foremost meant for the head of the state, of course. News agencies report that Vladimir Putin liked the new site. The design of the updated site is very good, everything is classic and business-like about it – you are not going to get lost on it. However, several tasks remained unsolved. There are the pages of the Russian government, the Kremlin administration, the Security Council and even the page of the Council of State in the Institutions section. It is clear that these are all the bodies that are controlled by the president, but what about others? What about the Federal Assembly, the Constitutional, Supreme, Supreme Arbitration courts, the Office of the Prosecutor General, and so on? Aren’t they connected with the president?

It is actually not about the number of pages and their presence, it is about the philosophy of the approach to the structure of the president's site. The president is responsible for everything that is going on in the country on the ground of the president's role, on the ground of the people’s assumption of the president’s activity. Putin does not reject that. Therefore, the president’s site is supposed to become the point of entrance to the political Internet for those, who is interested in the activity of state institutions. There definitely should be direct hyperlinks to the pages of the supreme federal institution of the authorities.

It is not really clear, why there is a page of the president’s schedule in the section Events: the page says what he has already done, not what he is going to do. The word “schedule” is not really correct in this respect, although this page could have got the biggest number of visits amid officials, if it had been made properly.

However, these are all simply little mistakes, they do not count. News agencies reported that the site would not exist without further work on it. It is good to realize that Vladimir Putin’s remarks about the site are actually the same that PRAVDA.Ru made, when we were commenting on the updated version of the governmental website. One of the major remarks was about the fact that the people of the country could not get acquainted with the law-making activity of the government in order to set forth their own opinions about new laws. Putin asked his webmasters and designers to create such a section on his “Internet office.”

PRAVDA.Ru’s another remark was about the fact that there was only the Russian version of the site. But if you want investors or just foreign people to trust Russia, then they should know as much as possible about the Russian government and president without media’s interpretation of it. Vladimir Putin mentioned that too, but he offered to prepare only the English version of the site, in spite of the fact that there are other international languages in the world, German, for example, which Putin knows himself. Nevertheless, we have to point this out that the Kremlin is paying attention to its image on the World Wide Web, they try to use it for PR purposes – this is a progress.

Pyotr Yermilin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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