Ted Turner and Cherie Blair give it up to the European lobby

Violence has always led to violence, and lies have always led to lies. The person that lies is supposed to be ready for getting the same in return, but to a greater extent. Rather an exclusive circle, wouldn’t you say?

Israelis are blaming the Palestinians for killing civilians. However, they are also blaming the Palestinians for exaggerating the number of victims amid the Palestinian population, which is a sure thing during every Israel’s scouring procedure. Jenin is a very good example. Mass media outlets were yelling: “Universal deceit! Bloody PR!” I would not have any objections: this is a dark matter; there are a lot of unclear things about it.

Furthermore, Israel is blaming Europe for having sympathy with Palestinians, but if one of the the powers-that-be sets out a personal position on this subject, then this person would regret that very soon because of the commotion that would be raised. The European lobby is Israel’s major weapon, not tanks, armored vehicles or a defensive fence.

Speaking of the powers-that-be, about their statements, and the consequences of those statements, the founder and former owner of CNN, the major shareholder of Time Warner corporation currently, Ted Turner, tried to hush up the scandal, which was caused with his anti-Israeli statements in the British newspaper the Guardian.

The newspaper published the tycoon’s article, in which it was said: "Aren't the Israelis and the Palestinians both terrorising each other?" CNN spokespeople were all saying that it was Mr.Turner’s personal position, which did not have to do anything in common with the position of the company. Turner realized that he went too far, so he started apologizing publicly, claiming that he did not imply that Israel’s actions to protect its people were equal to terrorism; he said that he was misunderstood.

Well, it seems that Ted Turner made everything clear in his statement to the Guardian: "The Palestinians are fighting with human suicide bombers; that's all they have. The Israelis ... they've got one of the most powerful military machines in the world. The Palestinians have nothing. So who are the terrorists? I would make the case that both sides are involved in terrorism."

Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair is stepping backwards as well. She was made to apologize for expressing her sympathies to Palestinian suicide bombers, who carried out an act of terrorist in Jerusalem, killing 19 people. Cherie Blair declared several hours after the act that young Palestinians felt they had "no hope" but to blow themselves up. These words caused a storm of indignation in political circles, and Israel was very dissatisfied with them.

It just so happens that any negative statements against Israel are taboo. Yes, everyone feels sorry for the people that were killed as a result of the acts of terrorism, but there are a lot of Palestinians that die because of Israel’s actions as well. If all those things are going to be covered up or hidden, or presented to the public from one point of view only, then there will be no peace on this planet.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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