Korean patriotism is punishable

The entire population of South Korea is very indignant. No one expected that Ahn Jung Hwan’s golden goal in the match with the Italians would have such a reaction in Italy.

The Italian football club Perugia, in which South Korean forward plays, decided to fire Ahn Jung Hwan from the squad. The president of the club, Luciano Gaucci, claimed that he was not going to pay the the man who ruined the Italian football. The president also said that Ahn Jung Hwan showed a brilliant game in the match with the Italians only; he was not that great during the time of the Italian championship, having scored only five goals over 29 matches that he took part in. Gaucci said that he was a patriot, and such behavior was insulting not only to the national pride of Italians, but to the national pride of the whole country.

Korean coach Guus Hiddink said that Italians' statements were ridiculous and Perugia’s behavior was infantile. The Italians are actually blaming everyone but themselves. As Russian sports commentator Vasily Utkin noticed, the Italian players became hostages to their own poor tactics: they were playing just to keep the score that was good for them, whereas Korean football players exercised the unique desire for the victory.

In addition, several English and German clubs have already expressed their interest in Korean player Ahn Jung-Hwan, but this information has not been confirmed yet. Ahn Jung Hwan has been pronounced a Korean national hero in his country.

As it became known, the secretary general of the Asian football association recommended that Asian countries boycott the Perugia club: “I warned the football authorities of China, Korea and Japan not to send their players to Perugia, because the only thing that they are interested in is making money on their players,” – he claimed.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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