Panic in the White House: George Bush hides in bunker

Today, an emergency situation took place in the US capital. Workers of the president's were evacuated from the White House, while the president was at the head of the “refugee” procession.

The reason to evacuate people was an unknown aircraft appearing in the sky over the White House. While the air space over the White House, no wonder that the guards decided to be overcautious. George Bush was the first to rush down the bunker under the White House, where he spent 15 minutes hiding with his workers.

The alarm was false. It was a Cessna pilot, probably from an aviation school. According to the special services, the pilot who neared the center of the capital did not contact the flight control officers of the Reagan Airport. As a result, the evacuation was declared in the White House, while F-16 fighters scrambled. Then, the Cessna pilot probably understood that flew into restricted airspace and flew away. Later, he successfully landed not far from Washington, in Richmond.

The unlucky amateur will be most likely deprived of his licence; however, he probably did not intend to cause such a stir. Though, such jokes cannot be neglected: the work of the White House was paralyzed for 15 whole minutes!

However, to be serious, after September 11, security measures taken by US special services are sometimes above all reason. While, on the other hand, a bitten child dreads the dog.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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