Mideast: the fence, the Jewish exodus, and the Reds

It is an open secret that the Mideast situation is developing to no avail of David’s children. Israeli sociologists say Jews will make up only 45% of Palestine’s total population by 2020. By that time, 8 million Arabs will be living in Israel, on the West Bank and Gaza strip. The Jewish population is expected to be 6.3 million people. This is connected first of all with world’s highest birth rate among Palestinians and the exodus of Jews from Israel.

In fear for their lives, Jews escape from Israel, and no defensive fence can stop this process. Attempts to overcome the situation have been made earlier and are even being made now. The other day, Israeli President Moshe Katzav announced another appeal to Jews to return to Israel. “Immigration to Israel is to become the main objective of the world’s Jews despite the outbursts of violence outbursts and the anti-terrorism war. Not a single Jew in the world can feel free from his historical responsibility,” the Israeli president said.

At the time when the Israeli president tried to appeal to the feelings of the Jews and asked them to remember their debt to their historical homeland, Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon decided to solve the problems of the American Indians to the West Bank. Speaker of the Lebanese parliament Nabih Berri talked about this at a conference in Beirut today.

In Berri’s words, Sharon is obsessed with an idea of the expansion of Jewish settlements, as, at the dawn of the rule, he promised to create fifty new centers to continue to colonize Palestinian lands. It was stated that the first Israeli settlers had been recently noticed in Ramallah region on the West Bank.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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