So, pyramids, or something else?

A joint expedition of Russian and Uzbek archaeologists has discovered several ancient pyramids in Uzbekistan.

According to the scientists, these 15-metre-high constructions concealed for human eyes may be at least 2,700 years old. The ancient pyramids were discovered in a remote mountains area, in Kashkadaryin and Samarkand regions, in the south of the country, BBC reports.

Archaeologists state that the discovered pyramids are similar to that ones of Giza, Egypt, though in contrast of them, Uzbek pyramids they have a flat surface.

According to the experts, thanks to their remoteness, the pyramids were not taken to pieces to serve as a building material for a later epoch.

Though it is not obligatory, that the Uzbek pyramids had the same purpose as the Egyptian ones. That could be religious constructions, all the more that they are almost two times younger. Pyramids were also built in Northern America, in Africa, by ancient Ethiopians, while Mesopotamian pyramidal towers are also sometimes compared with Egyptian pyramids, however in scientific circles this considered to be incorrect.

According to archaeologists, if the constructions are really pyramids, this is a very important discovery, taking into account that nothing of the kind was found in this area before. Now, the task of the scientist is to link the find with chronology and known local cults, to clear up what was the purpose of these constructions: tombs, temples, or something else…

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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