Iraq: Bush interferes in internal affairs of sovereign state

George W. Bush is openly interfering in the sovereign, internal affairs of a state, namely Iraq, in fomenting and instigating revolt and conniving with external forces to overthrow the regime in Baghdad which, whether he likes it or not, exists as the country’s legal representative.

Sheer arrogance and hypocrisy would appear to be the two words best chosen to describe the attitude and external policy of George W. Bush’s United States of America, a country which sees fit to export food unfit for human consumption and banned inside the USA to developing countries and a country which says one thing and does another.

The words of Senator John McCain of Arizona sum up the total ignorance and gung-ho idiocy of this administration: “If we can do this (ousting Saddam Hussein) on the cheap and by having operations involving just special forces and some air power and opponents within, Kurds in the south and Shiites in the north, then that’s fine”.

Fine…but for the fact that senator McCain was either looking at the map the wrong way round, or has as much geographical knowledge as his president reputedly has…the Shiites are in the south and the Kurds in the north!

It has appeared in recent days due to reports in the American press and interviews on mass media, that indeed Washington has decided that it is time, somehow or somewhere, to overthrow Saddam Hussein. For the time being, it appears that such actions will be channelled into increasing subversive and illegal activities inside Iraqi national territory, supporting the Kurdish factions in the north and conducting illegal sabotage actions within Iraq.

Yet the Pentagon has reportedly asked for between 200,000 and 250,000 troops to complete the job, warning at the same time that the Ba’ath regime will resort to whatever weapons it has to defend itself. Who would not?

The US regime, it is quite clear, is irritated by the fact that it did not act more strongly against Saddam Hussein a decade ago in the Gulf War and is evidently frustrated that its many covert actions against Baghdad have failed, just as the many murderous attempts against Fidel Castro have failed. In its frustration, and in bypassing the London-based Iraqi National Congress, armed with the arrogance or its president and the ignorance perfectly expounded by Senator McCain, the USA is set to commit a monumental error in its foreign policy, which will strip it of any potential public opinion support around the globe, for good.

The latent and eternal internal divisions between the White House, the State Department and the National Security Agency will again become apparent because the United States of America has historically been, and should always be, isolationist, a policy which will gain this great country many more friends and collaborators than its aggressive policy of globe-trotting arrogance, which backed up with sheer ignorance and smarmy, bullish and bullying attitudes, have done so much to gain the nation the hatred which unfortunately led to the September 11th attacks.

It seems that the White House finds it hard to draw the line between the hypocritical but generally accepted sublime, and the outrageous and totally unacceptable ridiculous.


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