Pseudo-Anastasia is ill because she is being prayed for

As was believed, the pseudo-Anastasia has caused a storm after her arrival in Moscow. The one trillion dollars Natalia Belikhodze’s representative Yury Dergausov, chairman of Princess Anastasia Romanova Inter-Regional Charity Fund, uses as a flag will be handed over to Russia and personally to Vladimir Putin, if he, first, acknowledges Belikhodze to be the great princess, and, second, orders to Russian banks to properly supply the money. According to Dergausov, even anonymous foreign banks are ready to hand over money, while in Russia these means are being blocked.

It is really a classical comedy. Natalia Petrovna sent such a letter to Putin, which immediately reminds one of certain Chekov comic characters: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! In my name of Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, August 20, 2000, documents and an application were handed over to the FSB (Federal Security Service) regarding the acknowledgement of my real name (at the moment, I live under the name Natalia Petrovna Belikhodze). Now, my health is getting worse, because the whole Orthodox Russia is praying for my family and myself, for the Romanov family was canonized. In the future, I shall occupy myself returning money belonging to Russia under your legal control, which is why I ask for your assistance in solving my question and returning my name and rendering medical assistance to me for the time of solving this question.”

Orthodox Russia is guilty of Mrs Belikhodze's weak health. If she addresses not Putin, but a doctor, he would explain to her that weak health in the age over 100 is not unusual, so Orthodox Russia’s prayers have nothing to do with it.

As for Vladimir Putin, this is a plot for our national film: taking into account that Russia’s yearly budget makes up 60 billion dollars, while Bilikhodze proposes one trillion, the whole of Russia could spend a holiday in the Canary Islands and surpass America with its trillion-dollar budget for which it works for the whole year, while Russia could receive it gratis. Do you like this fairy tale?

The only question is where will Dergausov obtain this one trillion if Putin decides to accept this gift? Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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