“Mayonnaise terrorist” attacked FSB premises in Arkhangelsk

A stranger, a common guy, who did not at all seem unusual, started breaking windows on the ground floor of the Arkhangelsk department of the Federal Security Bureau, which was situated on one of the central streets of the city. His “weapon” was stones and empty bottles that he was carrying in a plastic bag.

That was something to see for passers-by, but the 52-year-old man shocked them all, when he started throwing mayonnaise in broken windows. This “act of terrorism” lasted for about two minutes – the guy was seized by police. After some 30 minutes of the “investigation,” the mayonnaise terrorist was released: it turned out that the guy was registered at the local asylum. Doctors explained his behavior with a sudden change of the weather, because the temperature went up to 18-20 degrees centigrade.

Bad luck has recently happened to the relatives of the Arkhangelsk region governor, Anatoly Yefremov. His sister’s husband was robbed in a settlement some 15 kilometers far from Arkhangelsk. Someone stole a car audio system, the thieves were found, they were two 15-year-old kids. Someone else stole four geese from the poultry-yard of the friend of the governor. Village residents said that those geese belonged to the governor himself. It is interesting, but there is a country house nearby, which belongs to the chairman of the Arkhangelsk assembly of deputies, but the property of the head of the legislative power of the region is like a holy place – nothing criminal happens there. Village residents say that governor Anatoly Yefremov does not have to get upset about all those things: if people stole from the governor, then it meant that people loved him deeply.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru Arkhangelsk

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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