ILOG Selected By Transco For Visualization Software

ILOG today announced that Transco, the largest owner and operator of Britain's gas pipeline network, has selected ILOG's enterprise class visualization components. ILOG JViews Component Suite and ILOG Server will be integrated in a sophisticated network management system for monitoring and controlling the flow of gas through the 275,000 kilometers (170,000 miles) of pipeline in real time. Transco's Network Manager System will ensure safe and reliable service for more than twenty million United Kingdom customers.

Control room operators will be able to keep a watchful eye on numerous and heterogeneous network elements in real time through visualization capabilities, and therefore dynamically manage the whole system. This will result in greater efficiency, service quality, and overall system reliability.

"Transco's unique requirements couldn't be met with a standard package," said Tony Dutton, Transco's Project Manager for the Network Manager System. "ILOG components provided the greatest flexibility for implementing a customizable, high-performance front-end in a short timeframe. They are also contributing to the mission-critical performance and reliability we need in this system."

Transco's Network Manager project calls for powerful, browser-based visualization software capable of depicting the status of real-world network elements in real time. Transco determined that ILOG JViews was the best choice to provide realistic business graphic objects representing pipelines, pumps and other equipment and would best drive timely and effective decision-making capabilities. ILOG JViews fully supports onscreen control, which will enable Transco to perform pipeline control through a standard user interface, resulting in reliable system management. ILOG JViews' open architecture will also allow Transco to easily add graphic elements for visualizing and controlling new equipment. Offline training capabilities will be available as well, allowing training to be performed in a target environment using real-world scenarios. Performance and flexibility

ILOG JViews Component Suite is a set of ready-to-use Java components for building visually rich, highly interactive user interfaces. With it, developers can create real-time displays that layer data-aware graphics on top of maps, and clearly depict relationships in complicated data representations. They can also display and manipulate schedule and resource data in Gantt charts. Working alongside existing Swing and HTML components, ILOG JViews components can be deployed to a variety of platforms, from traditional Java applications running on the desktop to browser-based "thin" clients and handheld devices.

ILOG JViews screen elements are completely customizable for specific application domains and have been successfully deployed in such areas as business process management, telecommunications, finance and utilities -- anywhere there is a need for highly intuitive displays that go beyond simple forms and dialogs.

Simplified server application development ILOG Server is a C++ library designed to shorten the creation time for visualization servers by aiding the development of distribution and synchronization software. ILOG Server provides a modeling interface for Rational Rose and other third-party CASE vendors, as well as a built-in CORBA-compliant distribution mechanism to exploit CORBA architectures, and a sophisticated real-time synchronization mechanism to ensure consistent display across multiple operator interfaces.

As networks increase in size and complexity, new applications must distribute just-in-time information and synchronize workflow in real time. With applications distributing a wide variety of graphical interfaces, development time represents a huge investment. ILOG Server makes development easy, providing integration and synchronization for C++ or Java graphical user interfaces.

About Transco

Transco owns most of Britain's gas transportation system. Its network supplies almost half of the country's energy needs, more in winter. Transco receives gas at several coastal reception terminals around Britain, and transports it to more than 20 million industrial, commercial and domestic customers via 275,000 kilometers (170,000 miles) of pipeline. An interconnector to Belgium links Transco's gas transportation system to continental Europe's high-pressure gas grid, while another interconnector supplies gas to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Transco's annual revenues amount to 3 billion pounds Sterling ($4.3 billion).

About ILOG

ILOG is the world's leading supplier of C++ and Java software components. ILOG's embeddable optimization, visualization and business rules software components dramatically shorten the development time of enterprise applications in the supply chain, telecommunications, transportation and financial services industries. In addition to optimization applications -- where the company enjoys significant market share -- ILOG is playing an active role in the emergence of the e-business software components market. ILOG is dually headquartered in Paris, France, and Mountain View, California.

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