July 4th and June 12th

Making our schedule for the second week of June, we suddenly find out that we have a day off. We try to remember, what that day off is about, whether it is the Constitution Say, or something else? But then it occurs – the Independence Day. And this brings up another idea: “Independent on who?”

This year it is not that simple. There will be a complex of festive celebrations, which will make Russian people remember that June 12 is the Independence Day in Russia. First of all, we will see a parade, it will not be a military parade, but something like a carnival. Organizers say that the parade will become “the extravaganza of the year.” They said that such a grand celebration of the Independence Day would take place in Moscow for the first time, and it is expected that the show will become a Russian tradition.

But this is not organizers’ most ambitious wish, they add something mystical to it, they believe that the parade with slogans will assist in further unification and friendship between thee nations. Delegations of all republics are expected to come, over 4000 people in total. Will they have much time for becoming friends?

The Fund Public Opinion conducted an opinion poll among the Russian citizens, which was devoted to the country's major holiday. Only 62% of 1500 respondents said that they knew what that holiday was about. Thirty-two percent of respondents said that they did not actually care. Fifteen percent said that the day marked the beginning of Russia’s new history, 12% said absolutely the opposite thing, and seven percent of respondents said that July 12 was a very special, big holiday.

So, June 12 is the state holiday of the Russian Federation. The Declaration of the State Sovereignty of Russia was passed on this day in 1990. Five years ago the Russian president pronounced this day the state holiday of the Russian Federation. As it is stated in the document, the holiday is called Russia’s Day. We wonder, what Russian people would say, if they were asked about July 4th?

The Kremlin will celebrate the state holiday too, but there will be nothing grand about it: 900 guests are going to arrive and dishes (wild boar meat, sturgeons, filleted drake, quails) will be served by 200 waiters. Each table will be decorated with red, blue, and white flowers – the colors of the Russian national flag. And of course, the guests will be served Russian vodka, Dagestan cognac, and Georgian wine. So, what does “nothing grand” mean in the Kremlin language?

Elena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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