The head of Serb Internal Ministry: We should destroy all of their bandit nests

June 10, at 2:30 (local time), Deputy Chief of Public Security Office of Yugoslav Internal Ministry Major General Bosko Buh was killed in Belgrade. The RTS TV channel was the first to report this piece of news. This information was confirmed by the Serbian Internal Ministry. According to the Internal Ministry report, Buh was shot in the parking lot of the Yugoslavia hotel, at the moment he was getting into the car. The eyewitnesses say that at least two people participated in the attack, firing automatic weapons. Buh was shot at least three times in the chest. He was at once transported to the hospital; however, he died an hour later. No details about the event have been reported yet, and comments of the Yugoslav and Western mass media on the accident lack detail. It is known while Slobodan Milosevic was president, Bosko Buh was the chief of the Belgrade police, though, after the democrats headed by Vojislav Kostunica came to power in 2000, he sent in his resignation. For the time being, there are only guesses about the reason for the murder and the identiy of the mastermind. Could it be connected in some way with his previous activity under Milosevic?

Tomorrow, the Belgrade mass media will give additional information shedding light on the event. So far, RTS quotes Dusan Mihailvic, the Serb Internal Ministry head, saying that “the state should do its best to find traces of the murder’s mastermind and executors.” While appearing in the Serb Skupschina, Mihailovic stated that the Internal Ministry workers “must go every bandit nest” in order to find the killer.

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

RTS photograph: Bosko Buh

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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