After the fight, Mike Tyson shocked the world

Lennox Lewis beat Mike Tyson some 40 minutes before the end of the eighth round. Hardly catching his breath, Tyson got up, went over to Lewis, and congratulated him on his victory.

Iron Mike was rather peaceful and quiet. The security guards that were provided around the boxing ring to prevent any premature incidents between the two big men had a relaxing day. Tyson treated Lewis with respect, saying that Lewis was too big and too powerful and that it was impossible to beat him.

The Sport Express newspaper wrote that Tyson almost made the whole world shed a tear, when he talked to journalists. He came up to Lewis again after the fight, apologized, and thanked him publicly. As it turns out, all Tyson’s pre-fight statements, his threats, and bravery did not mean a thing; he was simply “selling tickets.” Tyson satisfied his countless fans who were so longing for the fight of the century. Mike expressed his love and respect towards Lennox Lewis and his mother. She was standing beside him and kissed him sincerely after he uttered those words. Lewis agreed to give a chance to Tyson, who is so famous for his ability to discrace himself, and Tyson thanked him for that. All those people who saw the fight, realized that there would be no revenge because of the fact that there was no more Iron Mike. He left without a scandal and with his honor.

Professional boxing is a scuffle, a brutal fight; it is horrific. This is not a sport as a matter of fact. This is a sports show. However, Mike Tyson left as a real sportsman on June 8, 2002.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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