Russian peacemakers in Abkhazia suffer losses

Russian peacemakers in the area of the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia are suffering losses again. The incident happened on June 8. Sergeant Alexander Vlasov and Lance-Corporal Nikolay Udovichenko were patrolling their territory not far from observation post 107. RIA Novosti reported that the soldiers were killed after setting off a tripwire, and sergeant Vlasov died after a four-hour operation at a local hospital.

Russia demanded that both Georgia and Abkhazia execute their obligations for preventing the terrorist activity. As the Russian Foreign Ministry informed, this was basically meant for Georgia. The Kodory Gorge of Georgia is referred to as a guerrillas’ base. Ammunition depots and hundreds of armed people can be seen in any of the settlements of Georgia’s region of Svanetia. Those people say they are members of the volunteer corps, and they deny any connection to either shooting at observation posts or placing mines.

This is impossible to verify. The Kodory Gorge cannot be controlled. Gelayev’s armed group traveled within 70 meters of a Russian observation post, and the terrorists were not noticed. Patrols occur once a week, but the patrolling time and route are negotiated with Georgia. The military claims that these are not really a patrols. They are more like excursions.

Residents of the lower part of the gorge help the peacemakers, and they inform them if they see suspicious items or traces in the woods, but there are very few such residents. Gunfire and mines are considered to be a relatively quiet situation, and nobody openly attacks so far, but who knows what will happen in a minute?

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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