Coalition troops arrest suspect al-Qaeda men

The US-led coalition troops have arrested dozens of suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda men close to Pakistani western border in the Afghan provinces of Khost, Paktia and Paktika in a bid to avert any possibility of attacks and war at a time when the Loya Jirga is fast approaching.

Some travellers reaching the Pakistani tribal area, South Waziristan Agency, from Afghanistan told Pravda by phone that after moving closer to the Pakistani border the US troops have started arresting people even those who carry beard on their face and then taken to either the Machadad Fort in Paktika or Birmal, Paktia, where they have hired a house.

The present state of arrests have sent shivers down the spines of the people as they say that none was considered safe as after the arrests only the luckiest are released whereas the whereabouts of others are not known. The coalition troops remained engaged in search operation in the Afghan tribal villages including Birmal, Lowara-Mandi, Zhawar and Minra on Friday. They hunted down dozens of Afghans on the suspicion of being Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters.

Intelligence officers of the coalition troops are said to be moving in the area in the Pashtoon attire and are being assisted by Afghan soldiers and US helicopters and spy planes.

The travellers were further quoted as saying that the coalition troops barge into houses with breaking away the doors without seeking prior permission creating fear and resentment in the area. Safiullah Gul PRAVDA.Ru

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