Intellectual. This is a bitter word

Mao Tse-Tung used to say that the more books he read, the more stupid he was getting. He also said that intellectuals were the most ignorant part of the nation. Vladimir Lenin was more precise in his opinions about intellectuals: “Intellectuals are sh**.”

These words are meant for fun, but those funning do not at all think that those words belonged to the people, who shocked the world and established new civilizations, whereas a funning person shocked nothing at all, maybe someone of his family or his wife, who once said that she did not want to live with such a fool any longer. The main feature of an intellectual is the certainty that having a lot of ideas in the head and being able to speak properly was an undeniable human advantage. An intellectual cannot be simple. Such a person will use the most simple things for writing loads of books about them, without saying anything new. This person is secondary from head to foot, he does not even have those feet, because his psychophysical ego consists of the head only. However, it is possible to think with your feet, with your stomach, skin and liver. This is not a joke indeed. An intellectual person starts thinking with his legs only when troubles or revolutions come, because it just so happens that rebellious people attack their intellectuals first.

Why don’t common people like intellectuals? This is because a common person consists of legs and arms, and liver, and spleen, and he needs his head only for eating. A common guy does not understand what he feels. He thinks that those misters know-all are totally shallow, although they lead the life that a common guy can’t even dream of. “You can!” – Spartacus, Abraham Lincoln, Mao Tse-Tung, Lenin tell him from time to time. And there the show begins.

An average intellectual only thinks that he thinks. As a matter of fact, he says the things that were said or thought before by other people. He cites Great Russian Theosophers of the beginning of the 20th century.

Intellectuals do not get along with lower classes, but the same happens with higher classes too. Does anyone know a ruler, who was admired by intellectuals? They call Clinton a stud, Bush – a one-cell man, the list goes on. The basic saying about world leaders is: “Do me a favor, they do not have an idea of what progress is, they don’t know a thing about civilization, economy, democracy!”

We have to object to that – they know what those things are. The terminators of power are aware of the magic influence of those terms on the mass conscience. That is why, each politician, who makes his way to the top, orders some political conception, or economic doctrine, or the national idea and so on. Gorbachev ordered the program that was called 500 Days and hired a crowd of intellectuals for its implementation. The program totally failed, it went into the waste-basket, but the team remained, because they could speak properly and could come in handy sometimes. Boris Yeltsin ruined a half of the country in his fight with Gorbachev, he sold the other half to Berezovsky. Ethnic little tsars of Bosnia and Herzegovina have recently sold arms to Israel – the arms which had been given to them by Saudi Arabia for struggling with the incarnation of unfaithfulness – Israel.

The most orthodox nation of the world became the nation of communist atheists for 50 years, but now it is getting orthodox again. Why is it so? Israel appeared, disappeared, appeared again, it studies the Hebrew language now – what for? An intellectual is like a little boat, which is sailing between two huge mountains: one is marked as “the power” and the other one – “the people.” The people, who look down on this boat, laugh and throw stones at it. This is the example of the classic syndrome of intellectual offence. Intellectuals will never come to the realization of it, they are open to the book side of life only. The world is ruled with will, not with some Hegelian laws of the reasonable development. Let this wisdom touch them.

V.Serdyuchenko PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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