The USA wants to starve the Iraqi population to death

American Vice President Dick Cheney announced that Iraq should not be allowed to threaten the USA with mass destruction weapon. Making a speech in Washington, Cheney mentioned the growing danger on the part of terrorist groups, as he said, that were purchasing such weapon from Iraq and other countries.

Cheney’s speech followed a series of statements from top American officials that called upon the USA to get ready to start preventive strikes. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declared that NATO’s forces had to be on alert without expecting the complete confirmation on the information about the coming danger.

But it seems that ministerial officials have forgotten that English and American aviation performs those preventive strikes on the territory of Iraq almost three times a month. Last time it happened last week, when American planes dropped fire-bombs in the north of Iraq, destroying over two thousand acres of crops. Iraqi agricultural minister claimed that the bombing of agricultural land had been done in order to cause more damage to the Iraqi economy, which suffered a lot from the blockade.

Baghdad accuses the USA and Great Britain of almost daily raids on cities and civil objects in the south of Iraq in the so-called no-flight areas. Those areas were determined in 1991 and 1477 people had died since that time, 1366 had been wounded. Pentagon guys want more blood, since they stand up for further bombing of Iraq.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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