Ukrainian tragedy: A rifle in wardrobe

All Ukraine was shocked having learned about a tragedy in Pervomaisk town, Lugansk Region, caused by a 16-year-old boy. He said that his parents and his younger sister had gone to the sea and for three days made marry with his friends in the house, while three bodies lied in the cellar. The party was interrupted by his older brother, an agriculture academy student, who suddenly came home. And then, one more shot resounded. The murders started May 28. The first victim of the teenager was his father, afterwards the young killer shot his mother and sister. The boy hid the bodies in the cellar and washed the floor to annihilate bloody traces. Afterwards, he invited his friends. After having killed his brother (when the friends left the house), he laid his body in the cellar too. When in a couple of days, the aunt and the brother’s bride came to Pervomaisk, the 16-year-old killer left the house. June 5, in the morning, the relatives found four dead bodies in the cellar and called the police. The suspect was detained in several hours. The teenager explained the accident with his father having scolded him and made work in the vegetable garden. Though, the boy did not mentioned the fact, that the father had bought a computer, a video recorder for his son and had done his best for his son’s happiness. According to the neighbours, the family looked happy. Moreover, the boy is being positively characterized in his school. The rifle the teenager used was registered as his father’s property, who worked for a military registration and enlistment office. At first it was kept in safe, though recently, the lock was broken and the rifle was put to the wardrobe, just for a couple of days. Now, the suspect is being kept in detention prison of Pervomaisk town police office. He conducts himself quietly and prefers not to speak about the motives of his crime.

Alexandr Gorobets PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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