CIA set up another top secret group

CIA set up the special top secret army group, which would deal with international terrorism at the local level. France Presse news agency (this agency informed about it) reported that CIA already had several armed groups at its disposal for conducting secret operations. However, the new brigade will have specific tasks, it will be subordinated to the command of the anti-terror department. The goal of the new group is to root out any indication or token of terrorism, no matter where it is found.

Needless to mention that there is no information about the number of the people in the group, or about the place of its deployment, its methods of work. The establishment of CIA’s new group coincided with the enforcement of the operation to search for remains of Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also possible that the new group will try to catch Bin Laden. President Bush promised to get him at any cost, and the whole operation in Afghanistan would not be over until it happens. Bush’s administration probably hopes to catch the prime suspect, this would be a good excuse for not preventing September 11 attacks.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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