Russian Law on Citizenship comes into force

The head of the Russian Federal Migration Service, Deputy Interior Minister Andrei Chernenko, believes that this law has put "a reliable barrier to prevent the entry into the country of the HIV-infected and people having convictions." Andrei Chernenko said on Tuesday that he neither accepted and understood the criticism of the Russian Law on Citizenship.

"True, it is tough. True, there are arguable moments in it. But there are also indisputable things in it. I think that this law has lopped off a tremendous branch of corruption for the next five years. It is no secret that up to now a district militiaman could certify any person for a certain sum of money. With this certificate a migrant went to the Federal Migration Service and almost in two days became a citizen of Russia," pointed out Andrei Chernenko.

"A person does not lose anything from the social point of view. Relations between the citizens of Russia and those who want to become Russian citizens are regulated by bilateral relations."

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