General Yakovlev: It is necessary to attract more CIS countries to the peacekeeping operation in Abkhazia

Army General Vladimir Yakovlev sees fit to attract more countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States to the peacekeeping operation in Abkhazia, a self-proclaimed republic on the territory of Georgia.

"Back in 1994, the decision concerning the peacekeeping operation was signed by seven states," said Yakovlev, who heads the headquarters for coordinating military cooperation in the CIS, at a military-and-scientific conference in Moscow. "Today, however, the operation involves Russia alone." Likewise, the operation is being sponsored by Russia alone, he observed.

"The progress [of the operation in Abkhazia] is very slow, we might even say it has been put in dead storage," went on the general, adding that humanitarian deliveries, too, were rare and insufficient.

In Yakovlev's opinion, peacekeepers' position is extremely vulnerable, what with the flow of accusations sharply increasing every time the situation in the conflict zone worsens. On the whole, "the conflicting sides must add their efforts" to the peacekeeping process, he emphasized.

In the future, all peacekeeping operations in the conflict zone must be supervised by the CIS and the United Nations, he concluded.

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