Illegal immigrants from Tajikistan transported like animals

Some 250 Tajik people that left to work in Russia were transported by covered KamAZ trucks. Four large trucks were stopped by police officers, and the drivers refused to open the rear doors of their trucks, but when the doors were opened, officers saw that there were people standing shoulder to shoulder and breathing heavily. Police counted 264 passengers, not only adult men, but also teenagers and elderly men.

The drivers did not have any documents to certify the transportation of the “living cargo” in addition to the illegal transportation of people in unequipped freight transportation, the inhumane treatment to them, and ignoring transit communication rules. It turned out that all of the secret passengers came from the Sogdiyskaya region of Tajikistan; they decided to go to Russia, because those who hired them promised good work and good money.

The preliminary investigation has shown that such a criminal way of transporting people from the northern part of Tajikistan to Russia via the south of Kyrgyzstan has been invented recently. “Businessmen” managed to organized two or three trips, but if the project were a success, then the route could become one of the major routes among the criminal roads of the Central Asia. Of course, illegal immigrants cannot stand the trip of hundreds of kilometers in covered, stuffy trucks. Such travel is meant for only one road via the territory of Kyrgyzstan, since it is controlled by police very carefully due recent political actions and dangerous accidents with human victims. At first, people travel by buses, then they take covered trucks and then travel this way into the mountains until they reach another point of transfer. At the end of the journey, the illegal immigrants feel more dead than alive.

The failure of this operation will most likely stop the transportation of people in KamAZ trucks, which are actually meant for cattle. However, the problem of illegal immigration will last for a long time: a good life would convince people not to leave for places where they will only be given the cheapest and hardest work.

Yury Razgulayev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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