Arsenal Team fan Osama bin Laden tried to annihilate US team

Osama bin Laden financed and supported terrorist attack of US football team during the previous world football championship in France, in 1998. This was reported on Friday by Washington Post newspaper referring to US publicist Adam Robinson, the author of the well known biography of the terrorist number one “Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of the Terrorist.” Robinson states that according to bin Laden’s plan, the terrorist act against the US team should have been realized by Algerian terrorists, though Belgian authorities hindered them, who uncovered the plot and managed to carry out mass arrests three weeks before the start of the championship. According to Adam Robinson, the terrorist number one likes football very much. It turns out that bin Laden is a fan of London Arsenal team. While being in British capital in the 1990s, bin Laden visited Highberry stadium to watch games of the “gunners” and bought T-shirts with Arsenal emblem for his son Abdullah. In particular, the terrorist number one saw Arsenal winning a victory over Torino Italian club and Paris Saint Jermain club in Cup Possessors’ Cup Championship in 1994. Bin Laden, according to the eye-witnesses, was literally stricken with the atmosphere in the stadium. According to Robinson, the Saudi-Arabian visited also such points of interests in London, as the Tower, Royal Armouries, and British Museum. Bin Laden left London after having been called the main suspect of preparing the 1993 WTC explosion. Though, before it, he had time to base here an Al-Qaeda observation post. For this football championship unprecedented security measures were taken. In particular, surface-to-air missiles should guard stadiums where the games are planned, while neighbouring areas will be patrolled by military helicopters. The territory will be checked up by specially trained dogs. Around the stadiums, moveable labs are placed to uncover presence of bacteriological or chemical arms. As for US football team, the Americans decided to take their own guard consisting of 120 people.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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