Iraqi migrants occupy Europe

Within recent five years, several thousand Irakis, not taking into account immigrants from other countries, have entered this Scandinavian country with 5.3-million population. In 2000, 2,176 former Iraqi citizens settled down in Denmark, while in 2001 – a bit less – 1,997 people. Taking into account Islam view on child-bearing, one could easily forecast who will live in Europe in 50 years. Danes concerned with illegal immigrants’ influx demanded to toughen immigration laws. Sweden even disputed with Denmark about how they should behave with the refugees. Sweden accuses Denmark of not executing its duty and of putting the burden of immigrants problem on other countries. Sweden minister on immigration criticezed the right-centrist government of Denmark which proposed to limit immigration. While in response, Danish minister on immigration accused Sweden on injuring Denmark’s international reputation. It came to the leader of Danish People’s Party proposing to close the new bridge linking the two Scandinavian countries. While the two countries were disputing, Iraqi refugees went on hunger-strike before the cathedral in the very centre of Copenhagen. According to MIGnews information agency, the day before yesterday, they stopped their hunger-strike, after having been persuaded by the government they will not be expelled from the country. Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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