Italy became a closed country for the NATO summit

The heads of the states and governments of NATO and Russia will initiate the creation of the Council of Twenty today at Pratica Di Mare Air Force in Italy. As the program of the summit shows, this is a formal act only: there is no time scheduled for negotiations; the participants will only shake hands, sign documents, shake hands again, pose for journalists, and then give interviews. Fifteen thousand police officers and anti-missile defense systems will provide security for the high-ranking officials. Security measures imply tough control over civil aviation flights, including small planes. The number of flights at the Fiumicino Airport is will be reduced to not more than 20 flights per hour. Rome's second largest airport, Ciampino, will be closed.

Those flights considered to be special will be controlled very carefully as well. These checks will affect passengers, luggage, and planes. Everything is going to be examined and controlled thoroughly. Foreign airlines will carry out the same security measures as ell. Aviation clubs and other similar organizations are also going to be checked.

F-104 and Tornado fighter planes are ready: the planes will be ready to fly several seconds after an order is given. Several military and police helicopters are also on full alert. These choppers are meant for military actions and aerial reconnaissance in order to detect any danger that might come from the direction of the sea.

The security headquarters will be located on the territory of the mentioned base (a building has appeared there out of nowhere with rooms and offices). Representatives of the military command and civil structures will be on duty at the command post.

All these efforts will allow Italy to shoot down any hostile plane, and all possible variants were taken into consideration, even the a suicidal terrorist hijacking a plane. However, it is not known who will give the order to down a plane with terrorists if such a situation occurs.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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