Radovan Karadzic wages an invisible war

Dnevni Avaz newspaper (Sarajevo) deliberately distributed false information about the former leader of the Bosnian Serbs, Radovan Karadzic. This was reported by the leadership of the Serbian republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This information appeared after Dnevni Avaz’s message was replicated by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which caused a vivid reaction in the Western world.

It was reported that specialists of one of Moscow's hospitals performed plastic surgery on Karadzic, changing his face completely. It was said that Karadzic became unrecognizable, and only his wife and several of his closest friends could recognize him after that operation.

Needless to mention that, if this information is true, Karadzic will have free access to any country of the world. With new documents, he will be able to travel as much as he wants; he might even go to the USA as a tourist.

The presidential administration of the Serbian republic believes that the ongoing speculation on this subject has the goal of putting pressure on Russia and Yugoslavia. Our countries can be accused of contradicting the efforts of the international community to put an end to Karadzic’s case and other Serbian citizens wanted by the Hague.

The Russian State Institute of Plastic Surgery rejected this “news,” and they claimed that noone asked them to perform any such operation. In theory, Karadzic could be “substituted” in a plastic surgery hospital of Moscow indeed. Director of the State Institute of Plastic Surgery Vladimir Vissarionov stated that there were dozens of commercial hospitals in Russia that worked with foreign clients. They are not controlled by the state, and they do not report on their activities either.

In the meantime, the postion of senior representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina was given to British diplomat Paddy Ashdown. The Times wrote that the success of this politician at his new position would be directly connected with his ability to find former leaders of Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic and deliver them to the Hague Tribunal.

However, Karadzic is still free, and he is not going to give up. This fact can say a lot to patriotic Serbs. They do not care if Karadzic had plastic surgery or not; the main thing is that he is still the same inside. Marko Lopushina, a reporter of the Belgrade newspaper Nedeljni Telegraf wrote in his book Serbia’s Most Wanted Head:

“Radovan Karadzic’s head is the most wanted of all the Serbian heads on the planet. Carla Del Ponte mentions this name – Karadzic – most often, pursuant to Washington’s requirements. Interpol evaluated Karadzic's head to be worth the sum of five million American dollars. Carla Del Ponte asked for $100 million for the operation to catch Karadzic, as well as a group of specialists. It was to be the most expensive political and police action of the West. The Western community has tried to catch Karadzic before. There were five attempts made, but they all ended in failure.”

Radovan Karadzic:

“Our warrior, who is called “the Bosnian Serb” all over the word, does not act like that. He is living his fate. Clauzewitz did not know this parable. It is not a historic one; it is biblical. Our warrior has always suffered as much as he could suffer. There is no other nation under the sky that has suffered more than the one that is called 'the Bosnian Serbs.' He has kept his values and treasures deep in his heart, pretending to be awkward and not educated, but, as a matter of fact, he is a noble knight. He concealed his Serbian soul in order to preserve it, but he could not deceive his neighbor. That is why I bow to this only nation, Christ’s martyr, to the Serbian people of Bosnia, 'who takes all whips of the fate in a worthy manner' (Sladoje). Another science and a another Clauzevitz are needed to explain this courage. Only God can understand this nation so far.”

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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