Immigrants are being expelled from Western Europe

The year 2002 became a crucial moment for European countries regarding the issue of immigrants. America “awoke” first, which started toughening its requirements for immigrants, strengthening its southern border after the terror attack of September 11.

Then, it was Europe’s turn. The dissatisfaction with “the natives of the south” has been growing in Europe for quite a long time. Europeans are not happy about the fact these southern people live separately and are not willing to integrate into European society. European right-wing parties owe a lot to anti-immigrant feelings, which helped them during elections. However, the right-wing forces did not obtain the levers of power, despite the commotion that they caused in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and especially in France and the Netherlands. Maybe their wish will come true in the future if the present politicians are unable to answer Le Pen’s questions, for example. The paradox is that the present European politicians have to solve this problem, not the right-wing parties, using the methods recommended by “extremists” and “ultras.”

European leaders are going to solve the difficult immigration questions together. Maybe it will help them to unite, like commerce or the joint currency. The premiers of Great Britain and Spain agreed that the immigrant issue would be discussed at the next European summit in Seville. Tony Blair has already warned such large “suppliers of immigrants” like Somalia, Sri Lanka, and Turkey, claiming that the help that is being rendered to these countries, will be suspended if they do not assist in the repatriation of their citizens.

Britain is very serious. It became known that the ships of the Royal Fleet have been ordered to arrest the vessels that deliver illegal immigrants to Great Britain. If someone manages penetrate into Europe, then this someone may wait for a flight back home. Not everyone supports such tough measures in Europe, which is why politicians have to look around and even make excuses. Tony Blair insists on the fact that he has never supported the idea of turning the continent into “Fortress Europe.” However, he believes that there should be law and order and the rules for those who come to Europe.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is establishing law and order already, thinking that other European countries will follow his example. Rasmussen also has “to follow the program” of the extreme-right party that gained 12% of votes last year. The leader of this party does not recommend Europeans to follow Sweden’s example, which decided to turn Stockholm into the “Scandinavian Beirut.”

The Guardian wrote that right-wing politicians often say the things that many other officials only think to themselves, about such issues like multi-cultural society, Muslims, and political correctness. However, those European politicians who decided to implement right-wing programs (not to allow them to gain access to power) find themselves in a difficult situation. On the one hand, something should be done about the growing invation of immigrants. However, on the other hand, the statistics predict a coming demographic collapse. Therefore, if you look at immigrants as workers, then they are good, but if you consider them as the people of equal rights, then they are evil. European leaders have not solved this question of good and evil yet.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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