English hand-grenade was kept in Siberian shed for nearly a century

An inhabitant of the town of Bolotnoye of the Novosibirsk Region (Western Siberia) found a hand grenade of the civil war time in the shed of the house he recently bought.

As staffer of the press service of the local administration of transport militia Alexander Agalakov said on Monday, a man addressed the officer-on-duty at the Bolotnoye station in the course of the regular stage of the Whirlwind-Anti-terror operation. The man informed him of an object looking like an explosive device. The sappers who arrived at the place could not examine the hand grenade because it was very rusty and even a slightest touch could make the firing-trigger mechanism go off. They qualified the dangerous object as a splinter hand grenade made in England at the beginning of the 20th century.

The applicant explained that last Thursday he decided to improve amendments at his house which he had bought in winter. And when he demolished the outbuildings he found a hand grenade which he informed the officer-on-duty of.

The dangerous find was destroyed in the environs of the station.

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