The strongest boy of the planet – Russian boy Bruce Khlebnikov

The World Guinness Book now has the new name on its pages. Bruce Khlebnikov was acknowledged to be the strongest boy on the planet in August of the year 2001. The things that this 12-year-old boy can do are beyond imagination. This boy can move a plane that is fastened to his hair. Bruce's hair is also a Guinness record: he has the longest hair among men in the world – one meter ten centimeters long.

Bruce’s mother Nelli played a tape for us, showing her boy’s records. On July 27, 2001 Bruce moved a pursuit plane for 148 cm. He also moved a bomber plane afterwards, which was three times as heavy. The kid moved the bomber plane for 68 cm. On August 29 Bruce set another world record – he tore 365 wall calendars non-stop. Bruce is expected to set the new world record on June 4, 2002. He is supposed to hold a weight of 230 kilos in the suspended splits position.

Furthermore, Bruce is going to top the American record on inflating hot-water rubber bottles. He can do it already now, inflating them until they burst into pieces. An American man inflated four rubber bottles within ten minutes. Bruce decided to do the same but within five minutes. In the middle of June Bruce will try to move a plane, which weighs 13 tons.

Bruce’s mother Nelli liked to watch Bruce Lee’s movies. They lived in Baku, and she got pregnant during the high point of the ethnic conflict in Azerbaijan. It was a very hard time. Nelli said that if she gave birth to a boy, she would call him Bruce. It then became impossible to live in Baku, and the Khlebnikovs family became refugees. Bruce was born in a train, when they were moving from Tula to Moscow. He started working miracles, when he turned three years old.

Bruce evinced a great interest in Bruce Lee and Van Damme. When Bruce was five years old, he was present at Van Damme’s conference in Moscow, and Bruce showed him the stretching, which made Van Damme’s eyes open wide.

When the boy was five, he could walk on broken glass and sharp nails – this was the time, when he attracted the attention of press and television. The records, which Bruce set in the Guinness Book, were all planned. Bruce decides what to do himself, and it is not possible to talk him out.

When the boy turned four, Nelli took him to take karate classes. The coach was shocked: “Whatt???? Four years? We accept children of at least 12!” But Nelli was persistent: “If you do not like, then we will leave.” They liked it. Bruce started training daily for 1.5 hours. He fell asleep at his first meditation. He is only a child, what are you gonna do?

Bruce does not go to school, he studies at home. Nelli does not want to have any problems, because there would surely be kids, who would envy him. The consequences can be rather sad: the strength of Bruce’s hit is equal to 400 kilos. He eats like all other kids, but not much at all. Bruce’s producer Seyran Muradyan says that we have to be proud of the fact that the strongest boy on the planet is living in Russia.

Bruce also has plans to move a barge or a ship. Nelli says that Bruce’s plans always come true. If he feels that he can do it, then he plans it. They are preparing a special show for him in the Moscow sports complex Olympiisky, and thousands of people will be able to see the unique boy. However, it is not known, what the show is going to include exactly – it is a commercial secret.

Every time, before Bruce is setting another record, he tells his mother to go somewhere not to get worried. “Do you go away, when he tell you so? - “No, I just step aside and watch.” “Don’t you get scared?” – “I am used to it now. But I was scared before. I have always believed that Bruce’s gift comes from God. He is the son of God first and foremost, and then he is my child. The main thing is not to interfere in what he is doing in order not to bring any harm. I help him to go along his away – I do everything I can.”

Bruce’s grandmother cannot see her grandson doing all those things, she gets too nervous. She cannot see this child with such an affectionate face moving planes. All those people, who saw his performances or tapes, said that it was simply impossible and incredible. This is true, no one else can do such things.

Elena Kiseleva Inna Novikova PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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