No more euro money joy in Germany

There has been a lot of joy in Germany about the new money – euro instead of DM, but the joy did not last long, it vanished very quickly. People are unhappy about the new notes, because prices started growing, and they blame euro for that.

The research, which has been recently conducted in Germany, showed that 54% of respondents would be very happy to have their old money back. They now call euro “teuro,” which is a combination of the German word “teuer” (expensive) and “euro.”

Europeans have been complaining of the price growth for five months already, after the introduction of the new notes and coins. People claim that everything has gotten expensive – ordering pizza, going to the hairdressers’, food. By the way, euro opponents warned of it before, but they were in the minority.

Financial tycoons do not pay much attention to those complaints, though. They say that nothing has become more expensive. The inflation rate has not changed, German financiers are settling their disappointed citizens down. Economists acknowledge that there has been a certain price rise on foodstuffs and some other goods, but that does not show any influence on the statistics of the living standard: the cost of expensive things is still on the same level. Experts say that Germans pay attention to the price rise, when they have to look for some change in their pockets to buy a bun for breakfast. But when they pay for a tape recorder using a credit card, they do not notice that its price is the same as it was last year.

Common Germans are not satisfied with such explanations and they keep complaining, so the “teuro” controversy is still going on: 81% of Germans still convert a DM in euro in their minds, not in the favor of the new currency. Opinion polls showed that the majority of the German people are not used to the new money, and those constant calculations “how much it would be in DM” get on their nerves.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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