US authorities were warned about the terrorist acts. Even by Arabs

In the case of 11 September, some details are appearing. According to reports of world mass media, one conclusion could be made: US authorities and special services were much better informed about the terrorist acts being prepared, than they try now to present it. One of these days, Kuwait Al-Kabas reported that Jordan and Moroccan special services gave CIA notice of Al-Qaida preparing an operation under code name “Great Wedding.” Last summer, Jordan secret service intercepted several Al-Qaida reports about Great Wedding operation with aircraft. Jordan side reported about these data to CIA representative in US embassy in Amman. While Moroccan intelligence managed to inculcate its secret agent under name Hasan Dabu in a secret Al-Kaida cell in the US. The agent reported about preparing a series of terrorist acts in different US cities for summer-autumn of 2001. According to the reports, Osama bin Laden was angry about the not successful, from his view, terrorist act in the WTC in 1993 and swore to repeat the operation. It is hard to say what the excuse the US authorities will invent after these reports. Though it is already clear that the White House will do its best to avert creation of a public commission for investigation of the 11 September tragedy’s reasons. US President George Bush said that he was against creation of an investigating commission on special services’ activities, who had not managed to avert the terrorist acts. This statement was made yesterday, at the press-conference in Berlin. According to the US, the details of what happened September 11 should be investigated by proper committees of US Congress, because if such questions will be introduced to public, many sources and methods of receiving information by US special services could become opened, which is undesirable. Of course, from view of US state interests, the President is right. Though the problem is that a superfluous secrecy could cause a new tide of criticism of the US authorities’ activities. The opinions is being already openly expressed that after the 11 September terrorist acts, US democratic institutions are threatened. The US authorities seem for the time being not to know how to get out of this situation. On one hand, an effective investigation of terrorist organizations’ activity could not be carried out openly. Though, on the other hand, too much secrecy violates the citizens’ rights, in particular the right to access to information. While President Bush is on the way, the interest to the 11 September events seems to have fallen. Though, what will happen when Bush returns to the US? No doubt, Bush shall have to say much about the tragedy in New York and Washington. Though, will people have trust in his words as before?

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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