Mossad to achieve what Palestinian authority failed to do

Thirteen Palestinian militants, who had been staying at a seaside hotel in Cyprus since May 10 waiting for the European Union to decide upon their further fate, as it turned out, were on the verge of death. Cyprus security services, that guarded the 13 Palestinians exiled from Israel, prevented at least two attempts of Israeli intelligence services to get into the hotel where the Palestinians stayed, Cyprus television reported today.

It was also reported with a reference to, that Cyprus law enforcement authorities believe that Israeli special services probably wanted to kill some of the 13 Palestinians. When this information was published, the EU bureaucratic machine started working more effectively. EU countries agreed to host the Palestinians: Italy and Spain will host three people each; Greece and Ireland will host two people each; Portuguese and Belgium will take one man each.

According to the earlier achieved agreement, the 13th Palestinian, Abdullah Daoud, 41, head of the Palestinian intelligence service in Bethlehem and the most senior among the militants, stayed behind in Cyprus until another EU country can be found to take him in. It is not ruled out that he was the target of the Israeli special services.

It is not time to put an end to the story, the as Mossad’s well-known professionalism and persistence are very likely to turn lives of the Palestinian militants into an absolute hell.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Photo from NTVRU archives

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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