PRAVDA.Ru’s optimism helps to escape even in deserted Nenets tundra

Several days ago, PRAVDA.Ru expressed its concern with the fate of Severodvinsk skier Stepan Savin. It should be reminded, that the brave traveller intends within four winter seasons to go by ski from Kolsky Peninsula to Dezhnev Cape, Chukotka, along the Northern polar circle, with minimal load. The second lap of the expedition (which should be, of course, included into the Guinness book) started in February of this year in the city of Arkhangelsk, though in the middle of April, Stepan Savin’s track was lost in Nenets tundra, and no news appeared up to May. Where is he? PRAVDA.Ru, against the background of too rapid “obituaries” of other mass media, kept optimistic while saying that Savin had not been disappeared and died. The reason of this optimism was information of the Emergency Ministry that this year Nenets tundra had been too early left without snow. Taking into account Stepan Savin’s experience and staying power (he is champion in tourism), PRAVDA.Ru hoped for better. And it turned out to be right. One of these days, Stepan Savin left in uninhabited tundra some of his things and, carrying his ski, came to deer-raising camp not far from Nenets settlement of Indiga. Afterwards, he was immediately transported to the city of Naryan-Mar. The same day, the skier got to know that many people were worry about his fate. “Thank you very much for your optimism, I suppose, it helped me from these troubles!” – the skier said by telephone to PRAVDA.Ru correspondent in the city of Severodvinsk. Stepan Savin also asked our site to thank the trade union chairman of Severodvinsk Zvyozdochka work, Mikhail Gmyrin, whose organization had helped Savin in equipping the expedition. The third lap of the Polar Circle ski expedition will start next January. Stepan Savin intends to start from the city of Naryan-Mar and to reach Aikhal settlement in Yakut region. Good luck, Stepan Savin!

Andrei Mikhailov Specially for PRAVDA.Ru Severodvinsk

Photograph: Stepan Savin before the expedition

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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