World football championship predictions: CNN vs. PRAVDA.Ru

The American company CNN offered its own version on the threshold of the world football championship. PRAVDA.Ru gave its own opinion, predicting that the Russian team will enter the semi-finals (taking the fourth place), but CNN believes that Russia will only play in the quarter-finals, where it will lose in the match with Argentina and, therefore, be eliminated. According to CNN, Russia will easily take the first place in its group and even play with Turkey, but the Argentinean squad will take its advantage in the quarter-finals.

Well, if this forecast comes true, then we have to acknowledge that being in the top eight of the strongest teams won’t be that bad. However, speaking about the winner of the championship, PRAVDA.Ru and CNN think the same: Italy will be the winner. CNN soccer commentator Gabriel Marcotti predicted that the Italians will take the advantage over Brazilians in the final match, winning at 3 : 2. PRAVDA.Ru’s version of the final: Argentina vs. Italy, Argentina loses. CNN: Italy defeats Germany in the semi-finals, Brazil wins the match with Argentina; PRAVDA.Ru: Italy will beat Portugal, and Russia will be defeated by Argentina.

Here is CNN’s version of the quarter-final matches will play in the 1/8 final matches.

1/4 final: Brazil - France Italy – Cameroon Germany – Portugal Argentina – Russia

1/8 final

Cameroon - Paraguay France – Nigeria Argentina – Uruguay Italy – USA Germany – Spain Brazil – Japan Portugal – Croatia

Finally, CNN believes that a major sensation of the forthcoming championship will be the sudden rise of Cameroon’s team, and PRAVDA.Ru’s sensation is, as you know, Russia repeating the highest achievement of the Soviet team at the world championship of 1966 in England and will enter top four of the strongest national teams of the planet.

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