Natalia Vitrenko wants to become Ukrainian president

The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Natalia Vitrenko, initiated the establishment of a political bloc of opposition parties that could nominate its candidate for the presidential election in the year 2004 in Ukraine. Well, it is about time (for Natalia Vitrenko first and foremost) to think of the future, after the Progressive Party lost the elections on March 31. The people probably did not like the idea that the leader of the super-opposition party became a television star. Vitrenko’s bloc gained 3.22% of votes and did win one seat in the parliament. However, Vitrenko is not going to leave; she has already expressed her presidential ambitions (needless to mention that Natalia Vitrenko will become that candidacy from the opposition bloc).

News agencies report that the unofficial coalition “People’s Opposition” will become the base of the new bloc. Vetrenko stated that the Communist Party of Workers evinced its interest in joining the bloc. Vitrenko still hopes to get into the parliament; she has opportunities for this. She also stated that her party was actively looking for partners: they concluded an agreement on cooperation with the Party of Iraq’s Socialist revival, with the Russian party “People’s Will,” and with the Radical Serbian Party.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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