Neurolinguistic Deprogramming(NLDP). Nous-Viruses - A New Threat For Humanity

Once my text file was spoiled by a computer virus, which changed the definite letters of the alphabet by some useless signs. Thanks to my curiosity I put down the abolished letters on a piece of paper and after some short transpositions I made up a word "madness". Thus, hacker hooliganism has become the symbol of the situation, the analysis of which has lead to the appearance of the following conception.

The first notes on this conception were published by me 10 years ago ( the article "Conceptual Mentality. Metre of Existence" in a philosophic magazine "Vsemir", 1991, #2, Krasnoyarsk). But the difference between nous-programs and nous -viruses given in that article was not very precise. What does the author call "nous-program" and "nous-virus"? Before I answer this question I shall say some words about the so-called neurolinguistic programming (NLP). This psychological system is often mentioned in mass media. I happened to get acquainted with it from a professional point of view. Since 1990 I, being a biophysicist, have been specializing in the sphere of advertising and PR-technologies, where some NLP- methods are widely used. NLP is a set of techniques and methods, used for correction of the activity of intellect. In NLP it is declared that with the help of special semantic constructions and ritualized actions it is possible to influence psychological state. These worked out methods are used in psychotherapy.

A typical example: a person suffers from the psychological problem- he cannot get rid of the obsessive circular train of thought, caused by thinking over some shocking , offensive situation. A NLP- specialist advises him to imagine that he is in the cinema, to "project" the unpleasant memories onto the imagined screen, and then in his thoughts "to go away" from the screen farther and farther, diminishing its size. Finally, he is offered to "make" the image black and white and "to run" the whole situation in a quicker tempo to make the offensive words sound as if the voice in of a comic character from a cartoon. Strange though it may seem, after such a simple procedure the obsessive memories disappear. As you can see, everything is simple. A person must put some outer and inner actions into effect ( to imagine and look through in one's thoughts the definite set of images or to perform a number of ritual actions) and as a result of this operation the circle of unpleasant thoughts breaks and the problem disappears. It is quite evident that the concession of causes -consequences can be turned over. If a person "is lead" in the other neurolinguistic program (presenting a number of images or forced actions) - a psychological disorder can appear in the place where it has never been! So arises the effect, which I call - NL Deprogramming (NLDP).

I will not set about reasoning of the deliberate using NLDP for harmful aims. There is a worse danger. I assert that NLDP- effect arises by itself in such circumstances when a person is plunged into the intensive field of influence received by the optic, acoustic, kinesthetic perception ducts. NL - deprogramming effect is often called TV programs, listening to the music, moving in the space of different texture, contacting with technical devices, etc. E.g., in some industrial countries such aphasia disorders as dyslexia and agraphia (when a person cannot understand the typed text or he cannot express his thought in written form) are unaccountably widespread. This "aphasia epidemic" can be easily explained by NLDP-effects. It is known from the clinical neuropsycology that dyslexia and agraphia arise due to brain traumas and diseases, however, the mass character of such disorders shows that NLDP- effects are likely to be in the basis of these disorders. In other words, in the communication informational field certain informational-semantic blocks circulate. I call these blocks NOUS-VIRUSES. They get into the brain of a child or an adult, and, if his "anti-virus" defense does not work, the result of the destruction is a psychological disorder, which is not accompanied by the organic affection of the brain. I call the penetration of the nous-virus into the brain "INVECTION" (from the Latin term "invective"-insult)

What mechanism is in the basis of this phenomenon? Evidently, the crux of the matter is that in everyday work of mind different operating programs (nous-programs), which are similar to the computer programs, play an important role. A human soul or a human mind is not the point. The point is intellectual functions, which are much simpler. These functions are nous- programs of image identifications, decoding of signals, received by different perception ducts, etc. The investigations in the sphere of the artificial intelligence show that programs, acting in the human brain are much more difficult than computer ones, and, perhaps, even differ in principle from them. Nevertheless, they take place, and as such they can be broken and become disabled by the outer programmed influence - "nous-viruses".

Nous-programs, to all appearances, differ in their functions, which they perform in the work of mind, in the degree of complexity, in the ability for perfection and then - in the degree of vulnerability. Themoredifficult the nous-program is the easier it is to break its work. Each nous-program is a certain complete block of informational "commands", built according to the self-coordinated rules. In a similar way, nous-virus is a compact program, able to interfere with the work of the useful nous-programs, which leads to their destruction. Outwardly it is expressed in the disorder of intellectual functions, loss of memories, illogical action, interruption of actions, non-motivated aggression, etc. For all that, a person infected with a nous-virus can even feel that inside him there is something that interferes with his normal reasonable activity.

People easily agree with simple statements. I also affirm that the conception, which is stated here, is the simplest reflection of the real situation. The longer you think about it the more you make certain of the fact that nous-programs exist and function, and nous-viruses arise as the by-product of their functioning. It was always so, but the modern development of informational technologies and telecommunications have made the situation extremely dangerous. Earlier nous-viruses penetrated through a number of neurocomputers working in people's minds, and were destroyed there with the help of anti-virus nous-programs. Nowadays the achievements of the technical civilization and mass media make for reproduction in quantity of nous-viruses and their spreading (invection). And the countries, where most of the population is under influence of the telecommunications, appear to be more vulnerable. The situation can go out of control of the society, it also can lead to the horrible consequences.

How shall we meet this challenge? Shall we act separately or shall we unite our efforts? For scientific setting and solving of the problem I offer to consolidate the investigations from several spheres- psychology, semiotics, information theory, mass communication theory and others. I offer to unite all the efforts in a new scientific trend under the name of NOUSEOLOGY.

I would like to offer the following plan of actions: 1. Working out the definition of a nous-program, its functions, and its characteristics. Acceptance of the working definition of the term.

2. Working out the definition of a nous-virus, what destructive actions it can perform in respect of nous-programs, how its invection into a person's mind goes on.

3. Working out the system of measures against the penetration of nous-viruses into the mass communications. It is necessary to create something like the system of "permissible-limit concentration", which is similar to the system that is used for the environment protection from chemical, biological and radioactive pollution.

Finally, I shall say some words about certain conclusions, to which nouseology leads. Evidently, the main points of nouseology do not lead to the discreditation of religious and philosophic postulates, connected with such phenomena as soul and intellect. Such fears also arouse earlier when psychology, neurology, and other sciences appeared, but all of them appear to be groundless. On the contrary, nouseology will allow to separate the matter of Mind from service intellectual functions, which guarantee its work, it will help to realize more clearly the role of the material substance of brain, which can be considered a bioprocessor in the human activity. E.g., it becomes clear that the brain structure of some animals (such as cats, dogs and horses) allow them to adopt some of the human nous-programs. Every one of us knows a lot of examples of "almost intelligent" behavior of domestic animals. On the other hand, this fact puts a great responsibility on to our shoulders. The fact, that military instructors taught the dolphins to kill people, remains one of the greatest crimes in the history.

Despite nous-programs and nous-viruses in the informational field there exist a harmless chaotic "broth of informational molecules". Partially they are adopted by our mind, they serve to build old programs up to the end and to form new nous programs, the part of them leads to no consequences. But the exceeding of permissible-limit concentration of informational senses is able to cause harm (especially to children, because the defensive nous-programs are only forming in their mind). There is one more way out. It is far not evident that nous-programs functioning nowadays provide with the treatment of all the information, coming to our brain. In other words, yet we, probably, cannot differentiate the images of the certain parts of the reality. This provides nouseology with a number of great practical prospects - in the cognition theory, science methodology, developing pedagogic, education theory, professional education.

Thus, there appears a wide field for scientific research and working out practical measures for the human protection. But before starting the work, it is necessary to realize that this unexpected threat, that we have to face in the sphere of informational technologies, is originated not somewhere in the space or in the other world, it is hidden inside us.

Pavel Poluyan, Russia, Krasnoyarsk. [email protected]

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