US special services incapable to fight against kamikaze

A scandal is being aggravated whose reason is information that the US President administration had been aware of the terrorist acts being prepared in the US. In continuation of the scandal, Russian BBC service reports in its today’s article “America burned itself on hot milk and blows on cold water” proposes to think about a notion like “export of terrorism.” On Monday, FBI director Robert Mueller poured oil on the flames by saying that in America, sooner or later, kamikazes would explode themselves like that who sow death and destruction in Israel. “I suppose, this is inevitable,” – Mueller said while appearing in the sitting of National Association of District Prosecutors. Mueller confidently forecasted that “there will be one more terrorist act. We cannot avert it.” US special services, who warned about terrorist acts earlier, now are literally raving. Information is going from the very top about explosions of living houses being prepared, about containers filled with radioactive matters and explosives. Yesterday’s speech of Vice-President Dick Cheney was full of fatalism, who called the terrorist acts inevitable. The conclusion is obvious: US special services are not ready to such kind of war (war of individual self-murderers against the state). Any billion assignments to the country’s defence cannot stop the living bomb which is always where it is the most unexpected. This could be confirmed by Israelis, whose intelligence is considered to be the best in the world, though even they not always can stop the life death. Of course, we could long speculate about the terrorists having enough work in the Middle East, actually many people in the US are of the same opinion. Though the history tells us about the counter: in 1997, in Brooklyn, two terrorists were arrested – a Palestinian and a Lebanese – who intended to blow up themselves in the New York underground. Since that time, there were no incident of the kind, though they are too probable for Washington Post to devote them an article like that on May 13. The newspaper notices that a weapon like exploding belt is hard to fight against. One could separate himself with a ferro-concrete barrier against lorries with explosives. Air terrorism could be mostly averted with security measures in the airports. Though, it is much more difficult to stop a life bomb. So, to speculate about George Bush having known and not said is at least foolish. Democracy will not be damaged by it, but society will.

P.S. Now, some figures in conclusion. Only 8 percent of US citizens who participated in the April Gallup poll are afraid of being victims of a terrorist act, while six month ago, there were 24 percent of such citizens. Every fourth US citizen is not afraid of it at all. The polls show that up to recently, fear of the terrorist acts always grew when mass media reported about new terrorist acts. Though, last months, terrorist acts became to often and, therefore, usual. As a result, US society stops reacting to them so badly. Or they probably seriously believe the state will defend them.

Dmity Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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