Human cloning: the race is on

The Russian Federation, the United States of America, China, France and Italy are in the race to clone the first human being.

Weeks after Italian scientist Severino Antinori declared two women in CIS countries and another in an Islamic one were carrying human foetuses which he cloned, it has transpired that four other teams of experts are working to the same end, according to US expert, Panos Zavos.

Zavos declared that he knew that French chemist Brigitte Boisselier was involved in “the race” and that Russian and Chinese teams “have made important progresses”.

However, the statements of Panos Zavos appear strange, to say the least. Having stated that he was confident that he would “win” the race, he then admitted that he had not begun any attempt to clone a human being, and said that the first human clone would be Chinese. And that does not take into account the three women already pregnant with foetuses cloned by Antinori.


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