Russian Department of Treasury has issues with the Ministry for Atomic Energy

Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy (Minatom) has been government's main customer-coordinator of various works dealing with a complex utilization process of atomic submarines since 1999. 43 atomic submarines have been utilized during 1999-2002. Beforehand, when the Ministry of Defense controlled the entire utilization process, the utilization rate was on average 3 submarines a year.

"Bellona" published quite interesting information on its website. It informs of the fact that the Department of Treasury is not satisfied with the way it is handled. According to a special report, a recent examination of the department has yielded certain “facts of inexpedient use of the country's budget on a sum of 118,7 million rubles as well as an inefficient use of 117,9 million rubles.”

In addition, in its recent statement "Bellona web" indicates that the Department of Treasury considers the Ministry for Atomic Energy to have no right to spend a considerable amount of money (up to 30%) issued specifically for a complex submarine utilization for the purpose of processing used nuclear fuel (UNF) on "Mayak" plant in Chelyabinsk region.
A representative from the Department of Treasury stated in his interview to "Bellona web" that "this has been the very first checkup of the utilization processes conducted by the Department of Treasury. The Department used to have other duties." 

The Department sees possible reasons for Minatom's violations in the absence of an official federal wholesome program. It so happened, that Minatom was using a falsified document, the so-called “complexion of the complex utilization of atomic submarines and nuclear carriers.” The document has been affirmed by a former minister of the Atomic Energy, Evgeny Adamov on January 20th, 2001. 

"According to the results, up to 30% of the entire federal budget are in fact used for transportation and processing of used nuclear fuel of atomic submarines. However, fuel processing is not related to the submarine utilization," states in the report.

Various materials included in the report (signed on October 31) became the center theme for a meeting of delegates of the Department of Treasury. Based on this report, the delegates reached a consensus that "Russia lacks a state concept of complex utilization of atomic submarines."

Soon after the examination, an unidentified source from Minatom reported to RBK that such "inexpedient" use of 118,7 million rubles can in fact be explained. An information was heard that all the money obtained from utilization should be applied towards utilization once again.
Government's resolution from September 15th, 2003 obligates Minatom to design a special program regarding utilization of atomic submarines by May 1, 2004. This document has to be an integral part of the federal program "Industrial utilization of military machinery for 2004-2005."

Andrey Mikhailov

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