British peacemaking contingent in Afghanistan suffers from unknown illness

Afghanistan has become like a curse for the British: they tried to conquer this country three times and three times they had to go back with big losses. Today they came not as invaders, but as peacemakers, but the fate is still playing tricks on them.

As the British military department informed, 18 British doctors, who worked at the hospital of Bagram army base, fell seriously ill. The condition of two of them is very hard, so they were evacuated from the base: one of them was sent to Germany, and the other one – to Great Britain. However, the illness has not been diagnosed yet, as well as the source of infection. Media outlets do not exclude a version of terrorist bio-attack, but the military department has not released any comments on the subject. The only thing that journalists managed to find out was the fact that there were no new incidents like that registered amid the British doctors. The entire personnel of the military hospital (some 300 people) are currently in quarantine. The defense minister said that the situation with the outburst of an illness among the British doctors in Afghanistan was “very serious.” If the British do not manage to handle the situation there, then they will have to withdraw their entire contingent, which will be a very bad news for other peacemakers.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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